2025 GasGas MC150A new addition for 2025 is the GasGas MC150 two-stroke.


Press release: One year on from launching an all-new generation of motocross and cross country bikes, GasGas is spicing things up once again with a revitalized line-up that includes two new two-stroke models for 2025! Existing bikes across both ranges now feature revised frames, motor mounts, swingarms, suspension settings, and linkages to make sure each one is even more fun to ride! Available at dealers in July 2024.
You asked for them and we’ve produced them. That’s right two-stroke fans, we’ve introduced an MC150 and an MC300 to our motocross line-up! By expanding our range, we really do have a bike for everyone now. From beginner to pro, and every rider in between. The little MC150 uses the foundations of our super-popular MC125 but takes power, and more importantly, torque, to a crazy new level for such a small-capacity dirt bike.

2025 GasGas frameLast year, GasGas only had 125 and 250 two-strokes. This year, the MC300 (pictured) and MC150, join the GasGas club. 

And the same can be said for the MC300, which is based on our versatile MC250. Offering up plenty of power, it’ll be the super useable torque curve that 2-stroke fanatics worldwide are going to love most about the MC300! Both bikes are built using the same high-quality components you’ll find on all our motocross and cross-country models for 2025. Such as the revised frame design…

2025 GasGas frameThe new and improved 2025 chromoly steel frame.

Our engineers have removed a little material around the upper shock mount as well as reducing the thickness of the frame at the front. In addition to saving 300g, what’s more important is that these revisions were made to significantly improve handling, especially when entering corners, without sacrificing any straight-line stability. New motor mounts further refine the frame’s flex characteristics with revised suspension settings introduced to complement the chassis changes and help elevate the riding experience.

2025 GasGas MC450F2025 GasGas MC450F.

A stronger air intake sleeve prevents flex to maintain maximum airflow. At the rear of each bike, the swingarm is updated to enhance the durability of the chain slider, which is made from a more hard-wearing material to boost longevity. Want more? Well, the linkage is now put together with new, lower-friction SKF seals to help the WP rear shock perform just that little bit better. Plus, there’s also a smaller linkage bolt to reduce weight and to play a part in delivering the refined flex characteristics from the updated chassis.

2025 GasGas MC350F.

Every cross-country model features all of the revisions above in addition to being assembled with a sprinkling of components exclusive to the range. An 18” rear wheel is wrapped with a DUNLOP AT81 tire that’s paired with a DUNLOP MX33 tire on the front, there’s a handy side stand, and for the 4-strokes, there’s a new PANKL transmission with ratios developed specifically for cross country style riding.

You’ll find our motocross and cross-country line-ups in dealerships from July 2024! Our awesome motocross bikes will be available worldwide while those in search of a new cross-country bike can find them in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

2025 GasGas MC250F2025 GasGas MC250F. 

Technical Highlights:

  • Revised frame – Re-engineered for improved cornering while remaining stable at speed.
  • New motor mounts – Now with cut-outs for improved chassis flex.
  • New SKF linkage seals and smaller bolt – Leads to a smoother shock performance and saves weight.
  • New suspension settings – Adapted to complement all of the chassis updates.
  • New graphics – With GASGAS in bold black letters for a fresh twist to our usual styling.
  • New intake snorkel – A stronger design prevents air deformation for maximum power at all times.
  • New fuel tank support – Holds the tank securely in place and prevents frame wear.

2025 GasGas MC1252025 GasGas MC125 two-stroke. 

  • Updated die-cast aluminum swingarm – Low in weight, strong, and lightly machined to improve the durability of the chain slider.
  • Updated rear brake pedal and caliper – Improving durability for continued performance.
  • WP XACT front fork with AER technology – Adjustable by hand and features a hydrostop to take the sting out of heavy landings.
  • WP XACT rear shock – Light and offering 300mm of travel, the WP XACT shock is designed for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Aluminum subframe – Strong, reliable, and plays a vital role in the ergonomics and handling of each dirt bike.

2025 GasGas MC2502025 GasGas MC250 two-stroke.

  • All-red bodywork – With large contact areas so riders can grip the bike better for ultimate control.
  • Hour meter – Helps to make sure all riders stay on top of maintaining their bike.
  • Forged triple clamps – Feature a steering stem engineered to offer the perfect amount of flex for maximum comfort.
  • High-performance BRAKTEC hydraulic clutch system – As close as you can get to maintenance-free, ensuring consistency and performance at all times.
  • BRAKTEC brakes – Brake disks that are unique to GASGAS as well as the calipers front and rear.
  • NEKEN handlebars – Made from high-strength aluminum and with a bar bend that’s unique to GASGAS, durability and comfort are guaranteed. There’s a big bar pad for extra safety too.
  • Footpegs – Bigger is definitely better when it comes to GASGAS footpegs! They help keep your feet where they need to be in all conditions.
  • Throttle body injection with premix for 2-strokes – Making sure our 2-strokes are bang up to date, Throttle Body Injection means the motors run clean, crisp, and create strong power throughout the rev range.
  • Electronic exhaust control for 2-strokes – Controlling how the exhaust ports open, the electronic powervalve helps create maximum power.
  • Unified motor position – All 4-stroke models have the motor mounted in the same position to ensure each bike handles like a dream.
  • Map Select Switch – Our MC 125 and new MC 150 are already equipped with one, but by adding a Map Select Switch from our Technical Accessories range to any of our 4-strokes, the riding experience is taken to new levels! With the simple press of the corresponding button, launch control, traction control, a quickshifter, and a choice of two maps can be engaged to customize the performance of each bike for every rider. And by adding it to our MC 250 or MC 300, you’ll get the choice of two different engine maps.
  • Connectivity Unit Offroad and GPS sensor – Available as Technical Accessories for all 4-strokes, once paired with a smartphone and the GASGAS+ app, riders can easily personalize engine performance and so much more!
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